Logo Design

            Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. Joe Sparano

TK Innovations is a digital design studio located in Dubuque, Iowa. We design logos for companies and people that wish to have a special stand-out brand. Connect to your target market with our creative use of colors, shapes, and text. TK Innovation creates stylish, professional, timeless logos.

We start our logo design process with a design brief to determine the kind of image the client wants to project. Whether is modern, traditional, simple, or complex, it's our job to convey the organizations brand and convey it graphically. Taking into consideration your corporate feel and your target market, we get a feeling of the logo's style the design process goes through several tweaks to get it just right.

Whether is a branding campaign for a large corporation, or a small business logo, TK Innovation can create a visually stunning logo that fits your marketing needs. Your brand should stand out from the competition. Let TK Innovation help you get noticed.

Visit our design showcase and view our previous logo designs which we have done for clients thoughout the midwest.