Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want features from different packages?

You can customize any package to fit your needs. Anything can be changed, but it may affect the final price. Be sure to contact us with any changes and we will quote the change so there are no surprises.

Is there an annual fee associated with my web site?
There is an annual fee of $85 to pay for the hosting of the website. The $85 fee is included in the original price and will need to be paid from the second year forward. You do have the option of purchasing your hosting from a different company but you will be solely responsible for your own files, server up-time, tech support, etc. from your chosen company.

How do I get started?
It's simple. Send us an email or give us a call and we will get started with some basic information gathering to get going in the right direction. We will discuss the overall objectives of your website, how large or complex you want the project to be, and set up a schedule on our progress. What do you have to lose, our discussion is no strings attached and we promise not to bite.

When can I expect my web site design?
Depending on the complexity of the site the time will vary. Typically small HTML sites take about a week. The more complex e-commerce packages may take a month to complete but are well worth the wait.

Do I own the files for my website?
Yes. Upon final payment, I will give you a flash drive or cd with a copy of the original files used to create the website.

How will people find my web site?
This is a complicated question. People typically find web sites through search engines. (But you already knew that.) At TK Innovations we take care of the submission to all of the major search engines for you. While submitting your site to search engines is a start, it is certainly not enough. During the creation of your web site we will have a meeting on what you want to be known for when people search the web. By integrating "header tags" , "meta-data", and certain "keywords" into your website content we can make your site more likely to be found by the search engines. As stated before, it is a complicated process that will be explained in greater detail during our "Search Engine Optimization Meeting".

Help I need tech support!
Please call us and then Click Here and the User Name is: Support and the Password is: TK*tech. Follow the instructions on the page and this will allow us to remotely access your computer so we can walk you through any support problems.