Cool Extras

Drop Down Menu Example

This is an example of a fly-in, fly-out header navigation. These are used to allow access to links that are "nested" in other pages without having to visit the "parent" page first. You can select the font, colors, and size of the menu to customize it for your site.

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Light Box Example:

Light Box is a function that displays an image on the screen while it grays out the web page behind it giving focus to the image alone. Light box can also be implemented in a photo gallery allowing the user to scan through several images.Light Box is not exclusive to images, but can display text as well. It is useful for conveying a short message without the annoyance of a pop-up box. Click the link below for a demonstration.

DEMO Light Box

Tool Tip Example:

Tool tip is a way to add additional information on the roll-over of the mouse. This tool allows you to keep your webpage clean and organized while adding the pertinant information when the user interacts with the website.

DEMO Tool Tip

Javascript Tabs and Others Example:

Javascript clickable tabs can stuff a ton of information in a small space, there is a calander date chooser, and some other cool functions to check out.

Javascript DEMO

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