Fast Web Development and Design turnaround time.

If your looking to get your business online you have probably come across all the hoops you have to jump around to get there. You have to choose and buy your domain name, have a company host the domain, design the site, etc.

At TK Innovation Design, we choose a reputable host, design the website in house, and never outsource the code. This way you can be assured that the designer is completely familiar with your needs. We can have a design to you and get you published on the internet in as little as a few days to a week.

We design easy to use websites to make your customers visit enjoyable.

There is nothing more frustrating than not finding what you are looking for on a website. One of our main focuses during the website design process is that your website is easy to navigate.

Using today's latest techiniques in Flash, CSS, and Javascript we can design colorful, animated, and just plain cool buttons, clickable areas, and logos. Smooth navigation makes the users experience more enjoyable and you will get more traffic because your site is easy to use. Get your visitors where they need to go and let your message be heard.

Do you want to sell online? We’ll help you solve the e-commerce puzzle.

Tired of paying ebay and other auction sites fees and commissions? Let TK Innovations design your own e-commerce store front. Set your own prices, control sales figures and timelines, and keep profits for yourself. No fees or commissions rates. We design easy to use web shops that you control from your own administrative website.

With TK Innovation's e-commerce package you can sell your products from home, without ever being behind a counter. We will help you get set up with shipping options, payment methods, and sales figures. It's all included in the price of the package. The possibilities are endless.

You've Made it This Far!

We must have said something to keep your interest thus far. While getting people to your site is important, it's just as important to have those same people read what you have to say. We take great pride in our approach to usability. Using up-to-date technology and the latest website conventions, the navigation and usability of our sites feels natural to the user. The more comfortable the user feels, the longer they will stay at your website allowing more time for your message to be heard.

What are you waiting for?

Our packages are designed to fit every budget. From personal and small business to E-commerce, choose from our pre-built packages or customize your own. Your unique and custom made web site is your gateway to a whole new online world.

If you would like to see more of our work you can visit our Portfolio page. You can also visit our Extras page which is filled with cool effects and widgets you can add to your page. At TK Innovation, we take the complexity out of being online for a fraction of what the other guys charge. We furnish the hosting, domain registration, setting up email accounts, and search engine submission.